Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thailand 2012.

Time flies, some people die, some people still alive! and me? I still have a good time playing around at this playground. here. at the universe. we breath the same air. we step on the same soil and asphalt. we cry, we hurt, we heal, we chill, we break, we fall in love again. as simple and yet so complicated isn't it? a couple year a go, I quit from any social media life, facebook, twitter, blog, tumblr, I'm done with all of that socmed life. I tried to make peace with myself. ask myself, exactly what I was looking for and wanted in this life.

Cut the story off, my family ask me to go to holiday. they want me to join them to Thailand. perhaps, I can find the answer for every big question mark on my head, also have some quality time with them. I really enjoy our quality time. despite Thailand's traffic is awful, same as Jakarta, thooo

one week stay in Thailand, made ​​me understand their language, such as: Sawadikha (if you want to say hello to the woman) and Sawadikhap (for the man), Khapkunka (Thank You). Oke, that's all I can memorize.

 I really enjoy my holiday, I played, have a lot of fun. Till I realize, my eyes are open, that all you need in life is a freedom! free yourself from questioning why, free yourself from what people say, just give em' fuck! and don't give a shit, even once. free yourself from the one who hurt you, free yourself from what makes you down. then, you'll find the peace, with yourself that can be impact to the others around you.

This is the end from my blog. I wish I could have an extra time to write, to make some post. not because I want you to read it, but it just because I let myself to capture every moment in life.


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